The revolution in ocular prosthetics

State-of-the-art expertise from a variety of fields has been brought together in apEye – constituting a revolution in ocular prosthetics. Founded in the United Kingdom in 2016, Ocupeye set itself the goal as a technology company of rethinking the artificial eye production processes that had remained unchanged for decades. In doing this, not only did they intend patients to benefit from a simpler and more convenient solution; the development was also driven by the growing challenges facing the doctors and ocularists performing the treatment. After all, the waiting times for everyone involved had in the meantime increased beyond measure. Ocupeye chose Moorfields Eye Hospital, London, and TOMEY as partners and worked out a smarter solution. The result was apEye which impresses with its fidelity to detail and high medical quality.

OCUPEYE & TOMEY – stronger together

OCUPEYE builds on TOMEY's expertise in diagnostics. apEye is a truly unique product that combines the best technical ideas with the most advanced scientific knowledge. Decades of research meet a century-old challenge - the result is something to be proud of.

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apEye is currently undergoing clinical trials and is well on its way to market readiness. This represents a milestone for the artificial eye market, bringing patients one step closer to personal well-being. Doctors, ocularists and patients who receive our newsletter are always the first to find out the latest information on apEye.

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