Precision diagnostics in seconds

TOMEY has always only been satisfied if the patients are satisfied. It is this urge to advance that has made the company a renown manufacturer in ophthalmic diagnostic systems. Full of the courage to innovate, the company’s team of experts successfully paves new ways and simplifies the work of eye specialists. This is equally true of the development of the precision diagnostics without which apEye would not be possible.

TOMEY creates the basis for apEye

TOMEY has almost completely reinvented its tried-and-tested CASIA2 measuring device for use in apEye production. After months of development work, the company succeeded in enhancing the existing technology in such a way that it can now perform perfect precision diagnostics for apEye within seconds.

Its ground-breaking “Light Source Technology” provides the basis for the literally lightning-fast scanning process. As a first step, doctors can use the CASIA2 to scan the eye socket for which the apEye is intended. The scan takes one second and produces 257 images to provide a razor-sharp template. 

Then, an image is made of the healthy eye that will in turn serve as a template for the 3D print. The high-resolution camera is able to reproduce every nuance of colour – this and the scan of the eye socket are the prerequisites for producing a natural-looking apEye

Years of experience for the best products

TOMEY can look back on more than 50 years of experience. The company’s success story began with the foundation of Tomey Sangyo in Nagoya, Japan, in 1971. Further branches were to follow in Sendai, Tokyo, Osaka und Fukuoka in 1987. In 1991 TOMEY expanded into Europe – or more precisely, into Germany – and founded TOMEY GmbH in Nuremberg. The company – TOMEY Corporation – has existed in its present form since 2000.

TOMEY & OCUPEYE – more than just partners

At TOMEY's side are OCUPEYE and other renowned partners. apEye is a truly unique product that combines the best technical ideas with the most advanced scientific knowledge. Decades of research meet a century-old challenge – the result is something to be proud of.

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apEye is currently undergoing clinical trials and is well on its way to market readiness. This represents a milestone for the artificial eye market, bringing patients one step closer to personal well-being. Doctors, ocularists and patients who receive our newsletter are always the first to find out the latest information on apEye.

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